Wheelchair Safety Guide

Wheelchair safety is one of the most important topics to be discussed when it comes to talking about caring for elderly and bedridden or injured people. That’s because the users are frequently the ones who are most vulnerable, so it’s of utmost importance for us to be able to ensure that using the wheelchair is as safe as can be. Below are some guidelines that we hope will help you use your wheelchair safely.

Center of Gravity

When using a wheelchair, it’s important to know the center of gravity very well. Every wheelchair feels and acts differently, so you need to be aware of the balancing requirements of your particular wheelchair. To do this, it’s important to first practice performing daily tasks slowly and carefully, making sure that the wheelchair doesn’t tip over. Tasks like transferring in and out of the wheelchair, going up and down light slopes, going to the toilet – make sure that you are able to properly position yourself to prevent any problems.

Most Common Problems with Wheelchairs

  • Tipping of Wheelchair:

    One of the most common problems when it comes to wheelchairs is tipping of wheelchairs, particularly backwards. As our wheelchair has very big wheels at the back, the weight of the wheelchair is typically concentrated at the back of the wheelchair, which means that when it comes to certain situations like going up slopes, it might be dangerous if the slope is too steep. Other common situations might involve hitting an object with the wheel, causing the wheelchair to lose its balance and tip over. Some accidents also occur when users try to go up and down different levels like at curbs, or when the floor is uneven, so it’s important to have someone with them when the wheelchair user needs to travel long distances. With all that being said, wheelchairs are generally well-balanced, and these accidents can be avoided with proper care.
  • Accidents Involving Transferring In and Out of the Wheelchair

    Especially for bedridden individuals, transferring in and out of the wheelchair is a source of some problems for them. Because of that, it’s essential for a caretaker to be around before performing the transfers.

Safety Tips

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