Wheelchair Rental in Singapore

We have three types of wheelchair rental available. Please note that due to limited availability for wheelchair rental, not every customer can be served. Please check with us for availability of wheelchair for rental. 

Collection of wheelchairs will be at 339701 Singapore, 1765 Geylang Bahru.

Do refer to the models below for full rates.

For more information, do contact us through WhatsApp at 9028 3046.

Delivery Rates For All Wheelchairs


Self-Collect & Return: Free

1 Way Delivery / Return Delivery: $20

2 Way Delivery / Return Delivery: $40


Self-Propelled Vertex Signature Wheelchair

  • Suitable for everyone from small children to elderly
  • Lightweight
  • Able to be self-propelled easily
  • Foldable & fits most standard car boots
  • Accomodates up to 100kg in weight

Rental Rates:

Daily: $8
Weekly: $40
Monthly: $70

Elevating Heavy Duty Wheelchair

  • Suitable for larger sized or heavier people
  • Seat Width comes in 18″, 20″ and 22″
  • Weight Capacity: 135kg
  • Suitable for those with leg injuries requiring elevated leg resting positions.
  • Able to be self-propelled
  • Not lightweight (24kg)

Rental Rates:

Daily: $10
Weekly: $50
Monthly: $80

Ultra Portable Travelport Wheelchair

  • Suitable for average size individuals and kids
  • Ultra Lightweight aluminium (7.5kg)
  • Premium stain resistant oxford cloth
  • Very portable – comes with carrying bag
  • Can be hand-carried around
  • Accomodates up to 100kg in weight

Rental Rates:

Daily: $9
Weekly: $35
Monthly: $75

Motorized Electric Wheelchair For Rent

Aside from the 3 manual wheelchairs, we also have electric wheelchairs for rent.

  • Accomodates up to 100kg
  • Battery capacity 10-20km
  • Able to be folded and fit most standard car boots (Including Toyota Prius)

    Rental Rates:

    Daily: $50
    Weekly: $150
    Monthly: $500

    Deposit of additional S$500 applies*.