New Release Of Vertex Lightweight Pushchair

6 Months after the initial model was first drafted, our Vertex Lightweight Pushchair has been launched! The new Vertex Lightweight Pushchair is highly complementary with the Vertex Signature Wheelchair as it offers a greater amount of portability at a similar price. 

Pre-Order a Huge Success

2 Months before the Vertex Lightweight Pushchair launched, pre-orders were opened up to our customers, with more than 300 pieces taken up within the 2 months. We’re very grateful for the trust our customers have had with us and hope to be able to serve you again. 

Exciting New Look  – Increased Portability & MANY MORE FEATURES!

Our new version of the Vertex Lightweight Pushchair has been pretty much a complete upgrade as compared to the previous model. Listed below are some of the new features and improvements our customers can expect.

  • New Glossy Stain Resistant Black Frame
  • Added Carrying Handles
  • Improved Load Capacity From 80kg – 100kg
  • Upgraded & Upsized Premium Terrain Friendly Wheels
  • Foldable Backrest
  • Reduced Weight from 12kg to 10.8kg
  • Seat Inclined 3 Degrees to prevent sliding
  • Price Reduction

As you can see, these features were something we added in after collecting feedback from hundreds of customers.

We’re confident that our Vertex Lightweight Pushchair is one of the best options on the market now.

Below are photos of the Vertex Lightweight Pushchair – Simply Beautiful!

Vertex Pushchair Show Gallery

Thank You For Making It Possible

Lastly, we want to thank all our customers for making our dream come true. Without your support and trust, the Vertex Lightweight Pushchair would never have been possible. If you’re a previous owner of our first version and would like to upgrade your pushchair, do contact us and we’ll give you a special discount!

For all other customers, we hope our pushchair has and will serve you well. 

Get Your Vertex Lightweight Pushchair Today!


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    - February 17, 2020

    Hi Good morning

    Does the Vertex Lightweight Pushchait come with a safety belt.

    2) May I know what is the size of the back wheel .
    Thank you.

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