Second Hand Wheelchairs in Singapore

At Vertex Mobility, we do have quite a number of second hand wheelchairs on sale. Typically, these wheelchairs are in full functioning condition, and they are retailed at 50% off our regular retail rate.

2nd Hand Vertex Signature Wheelchair 

The Vertex Signature Wheelchair is a great wheelchair for those looking for self-manoeuvrability. Functional and comfortable, you can get it at 50% Off the usual retail price of $119.90. 

2nd Hand Vertex Portable Travel Pushchair

The Vertex Pushchair is a portable version of the Vertex Signature, offering the same comfort and style of the Vertex Signature, but with greater portability, ease of use and lightweight. However, it’s best used with a attendant as it is not able to be self-propelled. You can get it at 50% Off the usual retail price of $119.90 for the second hand version.

Should you get a second hand wheelchair or a brand new one?

Used wheelchairs are definitely a budget option, however we always recommend a brand new one as wheelchairs are like bicycles – they suffer wear and tear from the amount of use that they go through. If you want a smooth and enjoyable wheelchair experience, then getting a new one makes more sense.