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Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Shop our heavy duty wheelchairs – wheelchairs that are able to support users of more than 100kg in weight. It is highly recommended that users who are slightly heavier look to use heavy duty wheelchairs – for safety and comfort reasons. Our range of heavy duty wheelchairs is able to suit everyone.

*15 Day Free Returns NOT applicable for heavy duty wheelchairs

Delivery of Heavy Duty Wheelchairs in Singapore

Our heavy duty wheelchairs make take a slightly longer time to deliver, because they are not stored at our main warehouse. The reason is that these wheelchairs have a different size and weight as compared to our normal wheelchairs, which means that we need to arrange special transport able to transport our heavy duty wheelchairs.

Customers in Singapore who have an urgent need for our heavy duty wheelchairs should drop us a text or call before purchasing.

Usual Delivery Time

Our heavy duty wheelchairs are usually dispatched on the next day after ordering. Our high service standards means that all heavy duty wheelchairs sent out are properly checked for quality and consistency before being sent out.