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Arguably The Best Wheelchairs in Singapore

Made with high quality materials and coming at a reasonable price point, we believe our wheelchairs are one of the best in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight wheelchair, a heavy duty wheelchair, or a portable travel wheelchair, we have the one for you. All our wheelchairs come with our free return policy.


Lightweight Wheelchairs

Vertex Signature Foldable Wheelchair

$189.90 $119.90
$119.90 $114.90

Wheelchairs From Vertex Mobility Singapore
Wheelchairs from Vertex Mobility Singapore have been designed with the idea of bringing extreme value to our customers in the form of highly affordable low prices and premium quality. In just a few short years of operating, our wheelchair shop has grown to become one of the most popular wheelchair stores in Singapore. When you shop on our website, rest assured that every purchase is guaranteed to be the lowest price in Singapore, with a 15 Day Return policy.
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