We’re committed to creating a culture of generosity and giving back to society, with each and every order.

How We're helping

We’ve partnered with local elderly non-profit organizations to help support our vision of helping society as a business. We make sure that with every wheelchair purchased, a donation is made to our partner organizations.

Aside from that, we also provide free wheelchairs for needy families on a regular basis.

Our wheelchairs are also priced in a socially conscious manner – a fair price that every one can afford.

How You're Helping

We give a significant portion of our profit to help non-profit organizations that align with our vision and goals.

Every purchase of a wheelchair is able to help us continue running as a socially conscious business.

If you’d like to help more, we also collect used wheelchairs and trade-ins of used wheelchairs (have to be fully functional), which we either donate to our partner organizations who need them, or offer for free to needy families.

Help Us Help more!

Trade in / Donate a used Wheelchair

Many needy families and individuals need your help! We give a $20 off each order for every trade-in / donation. Please note that used wheelchair have to be in fully functional state if not they are not able to be used by others.

Please fill up the form to donate a wheelchair today!

Please note that wheelchair trade-ins and donations are subject to donation availability, and Vertex Mobility reserves the full right to reject donations


Let us know if you need a free wheelchair

We believe that every one – including needy families, deserve the right to live with mobility. Let us know if you need a free wheelchair, and we’ll help out when we can! 

In order to make sure that our free wheelchairs go to the right people, please only contact us if you are truly in need:

Monthy Household Income < $2400
Per Capita Income < $800

Please note that free wheelchairs are subject to availability, and requests are put on a waiting list. Vertex Mobility reserves the full right to reject free wheelchair requests.

Donate a Free Wheelchair Today!

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