Selling Wheelchairs With a Conscience


Vertex Mobility Singapore was founded with the belief that having access to good quality mobility equipment is a right – not a privilege.

Tired of seeing big wheelchair retailers selling wheelchairs in the hundreds of dollars, Vertex Mobility Singapore was founded to provide all Singaporeans with a high quality, premium wheelchair at a hugely affordable price point. 

Aside from being a wheelchair retailer, we are also deeply involved in giving back to the community – providing donations and equipment support to many welfare and non-profit organizations

Inspiring Design, Amazing Functionality


All our wheelchairs are designed with inspiration – Great looking designs that come with amazing functionality.

Tested over our years of providing to Singaporeans, our wheelchairs are specifically designed to cater to Singaporeans’ build.

Singapore’s First Direct to Consumer Wheelchair Brand

At Vertex Mobility Singapore, we’re Singapore’s first direct to consumer wheelchair brand.

This means that our business model is extremely lean – giving us the ability to offer extreme value to our customers – Great Design, Great Customer Service, Excellent Prices without sacrificing on the functionality that all wheelchair users deserves.

Low Price Guarantee

At Vertex Mobility Singapore, we operate in a different way as compared to other wheelchair retailers.

Our vision is to operate on honest margins – we don’t believe in overcharging our customers.

When you shop with Vertex Mobility, you can be sure that our wheelchairs are some of the lowest priced ones in the market. 

Viewing and Trying Out Our Wheelchairs

Customers who want to view and try out our wheelchairs can do so at the location listed.

36 Kaki Bukit Place
Singapore 416214