Edgeless Profile

Perhaps most important to many wheelchair users and caretakers is that the wheelchair comes with an edgeless profile. This means that there are literally no sharp edges anywhere on the wheelchair – from the customized legrests to the handles.

The Vertex Signature also comes with flip-up footrests that enable the user to get in and out of the wheelchair easily.

Comfortable Premium Stain-Resistant, Cooling Padded Seats

Not all wheelchairs are made equal – the Vertex Signature comes with padded seats that are also breathable, making seating in it for long periods of time a great experience.

Compared to other materials like PU Leather seats, the stain-resistant fabric is able to keep the user cool while being extremely easy to clean.

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More than just a business - Selling Wheelchairs With a conscience

Improving elderly lives, one wheelchair at a time

We make a donation to our partner elderly organizations with every wheelchair purchase. We’re committed to creating a more socially conscious, elderly friendly Singapore.

Well-designed affordable wheelchairs for everyone

Lightweight Wheelchair


Lightweight Wheelchairs

Vertex Signature Foldable Wheelchair

Original price was: $199.90.Current price is: $129.90.

Travel Wheelchair

Original price was: $199.90.Current price is: $129.90.

Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Portable & Lightweight

At just 13kg in weight, our wheelchair folds neatly to provide a portable yet comfortable experience for the user.

Each wheelchair also comes with premium tires that are 22″ in diameter – bigger wheels means a smoother ride and an easier time for self-propelled movement.

Our Vertex Signature wheelchair comes with all the functionality that a wheelchair needs – with the portability and a huge discount off your typical wheelchair providers.

Comfort & Functionality

Apart from being a highly functional wheelchair geared for ease of travel, our wheelchair comes with several features that make it an extremely comfortable one.

The armrests are comfortable and stain-resistant. Along with our padded seat and back, the wheelchair will have you seating in comfort. Our seats have also been specially customized such that the user will not slide off the seats.

How to Choose The Right Wheelchair in Singapore?

Choosing the right wheelchair is a very important decision. When choosing the right wheelchair, there are a few things we should look out for, not just for matters of comfort. For customers that choose the wrong wheelchair, there can be serious health consequences particularly. At Vertex Mobility Singapore, our belief is that customers should only buy our wheelchairs if they fit them. We’ve listed the factors in descending order of importance.

1. What kind of injury or disability does the user have?

This is the most importance question for the user to ask, and it’s one of the first questions we’ll ask our customers. The most common case for customers is that they have a leg injury. In such cases, a wheelchair with a leg support would be suitable. Our Affordable Vertex Signature Wheelchair would be suitable for most cases. However, customers with injuries which require their legs to be constantly elevated should choose our elevating legrest wheelchair, which is more suitable for such cases.

2. How Heavy / How Big is The User?

The second most important consideration should be the weight factor. Our wheelchair is manufactured and designed to be able to fit most Singaporeans, however there are some cases where customers might be heavier and require a heavy duty wheelchair. For our Vertex Signature Wheelchair, the official weight limit for it is 100kg, with an excess load bearing allowance up to 120kg. However, we will recommend users above 100kg in weight to consider other models of wheelchairs.

Aside from weight, the size of the user should also be considered. Our seat width and full dimensions are available on our website, so be sure to check them out.

3. Portability and Ease of Transport

The portability of your wheelchair is also important. One of the main questions that our customers have is if your wheelchairs can fit into their car boot. For our Vertex Signature, they are able to fit into almost all cars in Singapore, having no issue fitting into Toyata Prius or Honda cars. For slightly smaller models, we would encourage you to measure your boot size with the dimensions offered on our website.

4. Wheelchair vs Pushchair

A wheelchair is generally preferred over the pushchair due to it being able to be self-propelled by the user. However, some users prefer to have a pushchair, particularly if the user would not be self-propelling themselves. A pushchair is lighter and more portable, making it a preferred option if not intending to be used for self-propellation.

5. Specific Usage

While most wheelchairs on our website can be used, there are people with specific usages which some of our wheelchairs do not cater for. If your doctor or licensed professional requires you to have specific wheelchair usage, then we advise you to call us before purchasing, so that we can fully advise you on the best options.

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